Seychelles is an exotic paradise comprising of 115 islands each offering its individual mystical draw and flair. The islands are located in the Indian Ocean but on the East African side.

Unlike the island of Bali, these islands were predominantly inhabited by the French sailors and traders after the 18th century; prior to that, the islands were desolate. Currently, you will find different nationals including the Arabs, Chinese, Africans, Britons and of course the French.

Why then should you visit Seychelles?

  1. Wildlife

Large areas of the Seychelles are under the protection of different conservation programs and are home to diverse kinds of wildlife. Cyclists and hikers will particularly enjoy the rugged and beautiful landscapes.

You can explore palm tree forests, mountainous peaks, as well as rocky coasts. One such area is the Morne Seychelles National Park which is situated on the largest island in Seychelles, Mahe. The park has seven trails that lead to Coco de Mer palm forests, all the way to Port Victoria viewpoints, and through the breathtakingly beautiful green carpet flora that covers the entire reserve.

  1. Culture

The colonial history Seychelles it a mixed heritage drawn from France, Africa, and Britain. This has resulted in a varied and rich culture which can be experienced in the food and drink. When there, you will discover that seafood is a prominent feature in the Seychelles menus. A large number of spices and flavorings are used in foods ranging from delicate Asian dishes to hot and spicy Cajun varieties.

As for the drinks, you can try the local brew, Seybew, which is a refreshing and light Bavarian-style beer that is perfect for a hot day.

  1. Wonders of the Sea

You can experience paradise round the year thanks to the six marine national parks that are excellent for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can get the rare chance of swimming among hawks bill turtles, whale sharks, or snorkel through colorful tropical fish and corals.

If you are into diving, then puffer fish and stingrays can give you company you in the Shark Bank.

Island to Island Travel

There are more than 100 islands and one definitely will meet your tastes. The capital city, Victoria, is located on Mahe Island and boasts more than 60 beaches, mountainous peaks, and lush forests. You can explore the stunning rocky granite formations as well as natural flora and fauna to view some of the world’s rarest birds in La Dige, where the preferred transportation modes are ox carts and bicycles.